Our Work Has Begun; the Future is Coming

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We’ve had almost two months for it to sink in: Donald Trump is the president-elect of the most powerful military power on Earth. As anarchists, we know the cliche that whomever we vote for, the government always wins. But still, for most of us, this election has felt different. Wren Awry has collected this short anthology of anarchist responses to the election that we hope will help us consider what to do in the near future. Some of it is strategic musing, some of it is emotional. Some of it has been published by us or elsewhere already, some of it appears herein for the first time. Feel free to print out a copy of the included PDF.
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Trump’s First Hundred Days and the Fascist Agenda

by Alexander Reid Ross

First, the future

Fascists in the US today can agree on little more than the desire for a white ethnostate. Despite conjecture on Trump’s deep interests and desires, few indicators suggest that he would effect such a drastic transformation as that. However, it is the question of process that matters most.

There is truth to journalist Arun Gupta’s insistence that Trump’s program would lead to ethnic cleansing, which is why fascists have taken such a shine to him and why the ACLU has declared that they will “see him in court.” Trump has announced his plan to immediately deport as many as three million migrants from the US, and alt-right founder Richard Spencer, who has already associated Trump’s platform with “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” has called Trump’s presidency a “first step” toward a white ethnostate.
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Instead of a safety pin

we’re pleased to offer these 1″ (and now 2.25″) buttons to help you make clear your intention to, you know, fuck up bigots.

UPDATED January 2, 2017: We’ve now added 2.25″ versions of these templates for people with access to 2.25″ buttonmakers.
Templates: 2.25″ Fuck Up Bigots pin and 2.25″ Stop Bigots pin.
For sale on etsy: 2.25″ Fuck Up Bigots pin and 2.25″ Stop Bigots pin.

UPDATED November 16: Unfortunately, demand has far exceeded Birds Before the Storm’s capacity to print buttons at cost. They are still available for full price ($1.50 per button) although with a fairly long manufacturing time while they catch up on all the tens of thousands they are producing and mailing out at basically-cost. Once they’re caught up they will probably make them available for bulk again. You can purchase the NSFW version (pictured above) or the Safe For Work version.

UPDATED November 18: Our new friends at Pins & Needles PDX have taken the burden. Buttons are available for $1 each or 10 for $2 total.

If you have access to a 1″ button maker, you can use the PDF template of the NSFW version and the Safe For Work version we’ve provided. In addition, there is now a 2.25″ template available of the NSFW version and the Safe For Work version from our new friends at Headfirst! Records.

Anarchist, collectively-run publisher AK Press is selling T-Shirts for $15 of the NSFW version and the Safe for Work version. This is cheaper than their usual shirts and AK Press has a long history of direct involvement and support for with anti-oppression work, so we trust them to do this.

For us this message isn’t about allyship. It’s about solidarity between marginalized peoples who are facing increased harassment in the wake of Trump’s election.

Quarter-Sheet Flyer for Anti-Trump Rallies

Text as a flyer:

This text is formatted as a quarter-sheet flyer to be passed out to participants and bystanders at post-election anti-Trump rallies. Simply print the pdf and cut it in four.

We Won’t Be Governed by Hate

Trump’s campaign was one of pure, might-makes-right nationalism. He has proposed a registry of Muslims. He brags about sexually assaulting women. It’s written into his official platform that he will force Mexico to pay for American infrastructure. He tweets Mussolini quotes. He intends to withdraw from international agreements against climate change. He believes in an America that is “strong” at the expense of its most marginalized people and at the expense of the rest of the world.

Even more dangerous than his ability to influence political policy is his ability to inspire white nationalists towards organized violence. His election emboldened racists and homophobes. We are here to counter that.

This is not about supporting Hillary Clinton. This is not about electoral politics at all. This isn’t about getting out the vote for 2020. It’s about what we can do, here and now, to prevent Trump’s toxic nationalism from further infecting the country.

Instead of giving up, we can fight. The electoral system has failed us again. Let’s not fail ourselves. Let’s not fail each other.

Every step trump’s government takes, we can be there to counter it.

Call For Submissions: Anarchist Responses to Trump’s Election

Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness is looking for anarchist responses to Trump’s election. Send us nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art, and comics that touch on your reactions to or takes on Trump’s election. The submissions will be published in an upcoming anthology zine.

While all are welcome to submit, we are particularly interested in publishing work by writers of color, and writers who are trans, queer people, working class, people with disabilities, undocumented or from immigrant communities, Muslim, women, or otherwise marginalized in the terrifying reality that is Trumpian America.

Please send all submissions to seamsandstory@gmail.com by Dec. 5, 2016.

The Days After the Election and the Days Before the Revolution

by Anarchist Resistance NYC

Today, many radicals are asking themselves how they could be waking up to President Trump. Our question instead is what does this mean for the Left in this country. Paralyzing myths have now been shattered, and this situation could, with a lot of work, passion, and clear thinking, lead to a strategy of action and a far greater positive change than voting for the status quo. The change we are talking about is generational and will have a far greater effect than any string of elections, no matter how repugnant they may be.
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The Criminal Legal System for Radicals

Setting and Balancing Personal, Political, and Legal Goals

by the Tilted Scales Collective

This text is a chapter-length excerpt from the upcoming A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant, to be released ideally near the end of 2016 by Combustion Books.

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As a political defendant, you will be dealing with the criminal legal system on its own turf. The political level of your situation includes largely unfathomable technicalities and procedures that are designed to disempower you and make it necessary to hire an expert (i.e., a lawyer). You can also approach your predicament on a political level, which may be more familiar ground to you and your supporters. A political defense may be less limited by the court’s rules, ranging from complete disregard of those rules to calculated rebellions against the court’s authority while attempting not to jeopardize your case entirely. Regardless of the balance you strike between political and legal defenses, you will also need to think about the personal level: what you want to achieve and what you are willing to endure.

This chapter is meant to help you think about your charges in broad, strategic terms. We explore three goal areas in this chapter: personal, political, and legal. These goal areas overlap a lot, but we have broken them down to facilitate their exploration. We also offer thoughts on ways to effectively balance these goal areas, although we do not presume to be able to tell anyone how they should handle their case. Rather, we encourage all defendants to consider the different ways in which their decisions affect them and others before committing to a course of action. Our social movements do not need more prisoners, yet when people are thrust into these situations, our movements do need dedicated, smart, and informed defendants who hold strong in the face of terrible consequences.
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Baba Yaga Burns Paris to the Ground

by Wren Awry

To Begin . . .

“I’m interested in myths,” Angela Carter wrote, “Just because they are extraordinary lies designed to make people unfree.”

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Carter was among the first to imitate fairy tales in her fiction (a little tome called The Bloody Chamber, anyone?), and her work highlighted the patriarchy and violence of the classic stories. While the myths Carter re-tooled came from story books, history is also rife with myths that made the world — myths that are ripe for turning inside out. It is these historical myths, and their connections to fairy tales, that fascinate me. I’m especially intrigued by one of them: that of the pétroleuses, fire-wielding women who supposedly set Paris ablaze during the Commune of 1871.

Furies glide through the rich quarters […] and fling their little vials of petrol, their devil’s matches, their burning rags.

The myth of the pétroleuses was certainly invented to make people unfree (in this case, by the Communardes’ conservative opponents and yellow journalists). [note] But I like pétroleuses because their fire and ferocity hint at interesting predecessors. Born of the collective fear of a power-hungry elite, pétroleuses follow in a long line of mythologized fire-wielding devil-women — women like Baba Yaga, the youngest sister in the Grimms’ “Fitcher’s Bird,” and the women burned during the great witch hunts of early Modern Europe.
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A Mountain River Has Many Bends

The History and Context of the Rojava Revolution

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This text is the introduction to our book A Small Key Can Open A Large Door.
This text is the introduction to our book A Small Key Can Open A Large Door.
In Northern Syria, 2.5 million people are living in a stateless, feminist, religiously tolerant, anti-capitalist society of their own creation. They call their territory Rojava, and they defend it fiercely. They’re at war with the extremist group ISIS, and they’re doing better than anyone in the world expected — least of all the Western powers who seek to treat them as pawns.

It’s a complicated situation, but we in the rest of the world have much to learn from the Rojava revolution. To that end, we offer this long-form introduction to the history and the present struggle of the Kurdish people.

Long live the Rojava revolution!

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A personal zine. From the first page:

this zine is about hope.

it’s about how i hope i have made something better.

it’s entirely about true stories of sexual and domestic violence.

We first found this zine in 2013, and now, two years later, are excited to bring out a second edition. 23 is a personal story about accountability within social movements and survivors’ experiences in society at large, written by an anarchist social worker with an incredible talent for storytelling.