Lyrics – O the Dark Tides of Solstice Day

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O the Dark Tides of Solstice DayThe Illawen
they thought they were safe in their decadent retreat
but one cannot hide forever
one cannot sit high on the hill
and poison our rivers
they cause our cancers
they are a cancer
the battlefield is silent
the victory is ours
we’re breaking out windows
and jumping on cars
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there's no way to seperate ourselves from what's happened today

Today our friend Daniel McGowan went to prison, where he will be for seven years. He was officially sentenced as a terrorist for his part in arsons that hurt nobody, that went to elaborate ends to avoid hurting anybody. For property destruction. For actions taken against what can only be seen as a terrible machine, a machine that eats forests and people alike. It is terrorism to resist.

our thoughts are with you.

Essay – In Defense of Chaotic Good

Magpie Killjoy just got an essay published by the fabulous Mur Lafferty, on her podcast “Geek-Fu Action Grip.” The essay is a response to an essay she had written in which she critiqued the nature of Chaotic Good. It’s all very geeky. Anyhow, if you go to her website and download podcast #102, you will hear the essay at 16:00 into the show.