Olympia Anarchist Bookfair!

Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness will be at the Olympia Anarchist Bookfair, April 18-20. We’ll be tabling all of our free literature and music (and the occasional sold steampunk item), including at least 5 new zines that have yet to be seen on the internet! This bookfair will be accompanied by a Really Really Free Market, which is of course one of the best things in the world. Long live the gift economy! Long live anarchy! Anyhow, I’m pretty excited about it. Hope you’ll come out.

One thought on “Olympia Anarchist Bookfair!”

  1. I picked up several of the the free zines you offered at the book fair. The Post Civ zine comes closer than anything I’ve read thus far to my own ideas of a hopeful outcome concerning social organization following the crash. Also picked up the Guide to the Apocalypse. Very good. A//E.


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