NYC Anarchist Book Fair!

Turns out Book Fair is two words. Who woulda known? I always thought it was bookfair.

So we’re going to be tabling at the NYC Anarchist Book Fair on April 11th and 12th. As per usual, nearly 90% of our table will be filled with free materials, and not just dinky flyers or something. Nearly all of our zines—and all of our CDs—are available free of charge. We’ll have some SteamPunk swag to sell too, of course. We’ve also got at least 4 new zines that I promise you’ve never seen before, just waiting to get printed up for the thing.

So if you’re in NYC, or can be, you should stop by! We might be running workshops as well, but we haven’t heard back (so we’re guessing we’re not). Come talk to us and take things!

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