One thought on “Interview – Alan Moore on Anarchism”

  1. sexcellent interview, but j00 forgot to ascii him about beard care techniquez, productz, paly tips, setc., WHICH IZ TEH ONLY REAZ0N I FUXXXIG READ TEH INTERVIEW. go do another one… as an incentive 4 j00 2 d0it, I swear by Pwdin’z infinite nub gore pillul taht i will DOUBLE tr0ll it.

    sry it took so long for me 2 tr0llul tihs one, I PHAILED TEH CULLECTIVE. As amendz, I will launch a full-scale troll assault on a site of j00r choice… name teh target, and teh intensity of teh h8 j00 want me to unleazh (from jovialul

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