Album – We Are Not In The Least Afraid Of Ruins

After two years in the making, we are proud to release Attack Attack Attack’s second album, “We Are Not In The Least Afraid Of Ruins.” 12 tracks that run the gamut from danceable dark electronica to darkwave to drum & bass to ambient, this album has a lot to offer. You can download the entire album, complete with PDF of the album cover (print it out, cut along the lines, fold it, then tape the sides) and a PDF of the booklet (print double-sided onto two sheets of paper, fold twice, staple and cut). Also, you can download individual tracks from the music page.

One thought on “Album – We Are Not In The Least Afraid Of Ruins”

  1. I was given some of your cd’s at a bookfair in Olympia Washington. They provided me with lots of comfort & enjoyment during this freezing Canadian winter. You guys(girls & robots too) have a friend and ally in le’ Bunny Cunts.
    Music is the Weapon of the Future!

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