Album – Magpie Killjoy – Demo 08

We’re happy to announce the release of Magpie’s latest demo CD, the aptly titled “Demo 08”. Herein you will find 11 tracks (10 with vocals, one instrumental) of Magpie’s usual accordion mayhem. The album was recorded by Nathaniel Johnstone in Seattle over the past few weeks and was mastered (to what degree it’s mastered) by Magpie. The cover photo was done by Libby Bulloff.

Here’s a zip file of the entire album.
Individual tracks and a PDF of the cover (to print yourself! yay!) after the break:

1 – Inquisitor
2 – The Finest Day of My Life
3 – The Cowardly Walking Dead
4 – My Darling Handsome
5 – O Sweet Oblivion
6 – Oil & Hell In The Sky
7 – A Song For Wrath
8 – My Only Regret
9 – Rise O Ye Fallen
10 – Six Months of Winter
11 – You Are My Sunshine

Also available is a PDF of the cover, which can be printed on a single sheet of paper and then cut out and taped shut (except at the top, of course!). Then you can give a CD to your friends! Hurrah!

If you choose to, you can also donate. 100% of your donation (well, minus what paypal takes) goes to support Magpie.

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